• Students of Year 11- 13 (Girls) went for a walkathon to Zabeel Park on Thursday- 18th October, 2018 in order to create awareness for breast cancer and beat it at zero cost. The main purpose behind the walk was to create awareness that, together, we can fight any obstacle, any disease and just any challenge that life throws at us. Students walked on the borders of Zabeel Park with bright eye catching posters that promoted self- exams and a healthy
        • This morning, the primary students performed a dance in the assembly, emphasizing upon the importance of exercise and Zumba in daily life and routine. They were then asked the spellings of various words related to fitness and those who triumphed, was rewarded with a chocolate.
        • Thursday, 11th October 2018.

          Primary: Year 1-4 (Static/ Working Models)

          1. What will our solar system look like after 10 million years?
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      Sat 28/3/2020
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      • Year 3 & 4 Trip
      •  Inter-class Debate Competition
      • A workshop at Curtin University
      • Walkathon
      • Students of 7C and 7B are preparing and examining the human cheek cells.
      • Primary assembly & Breast Cancer Awareness Fun Run
      • Breast Cancer Awareness Week (Play)
      • 6D: Students present Important Emirati Figure :"H.H Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak" in Social Studies Lesson
      • Emirate Figure and Pillars (Year 7D activities)